Pre-show methods of brining in potential clients to a trade show

trade-showTo achieve good results at the show we can not just restrict with rental space and booth design. Foundation of successful participation is laid in a pre-show period through complex advertisement campaign that can include a number of instruments of marketing communications.

Organizers provide the general advertisement of event and bringing in the interested audience. The task of attraction visitors to a particular display is laid on the company-exhibitor. Here some advices how to organize and conduct a pre-show campaign

Targeted mailing (with reference by name) is one of the most effective ways of attracting visitors. Studies show that they can increase attendance of your booth by 53%. According to the survey of CEIR (Center of Exhibition Industry Research) 83% of companies that have achieved high results at trade shows, used mailing letters and invitations in a pre-show advertisement campaign.

Note. In addition to letters you can send postcards to potential visitors with an invitation to the trade show. According to statistics, the recipients read up to 77% of received postcards.

Invitation to visit your stand should include a proposal: to get a gift or souvenir, watch the demonstration of the goods in action, get discounts, incentives, etc. It is important to retrace the effectiveness of such an action: it is possible to apply the system of coupons.

Conduct mailing twice or three times at stated intervals on the same base of addresses. Message types should be different. For example, in the first letter you tell about your good report that more detailed information can be gotten at the show. In the second message, the recipient receives a specific invitation (with coupon) to visit your booth.

trade showE-mail messages. Send personalized messages from e-mail addresses of your company, necessarily specifying the contact information of the sender. Clearly formulate the subject of the letter. Do not tack additional files (you can use the link to your site or specify information can be provided on request).

Don’t “pelt” clients with the same messages. In order not to cause irritation, the content of messages should be different. Each time find new informative occasions.

Personal invitations.

This method is used for specially selected groups of visitors (for example, permanent or potential clients), on which high expectations are laid. Invitations must be signed personally by the head of the company. Invitations can be delivered by courier delivery service. As practice shows, courier delivery of personal invitations is effective and it is demonstrates the special respect and attention to the recipient.

Telemarketing is another effective way of personal invitation. After sending the invitations you have a well-founded reason to call clients, make sure of receipt of the information and appoint meeting at the show.

Here are two important reasons in this behalf. Firstly setting up an appointment increases the probability of appearance of your client on a show, secondly, you will be able to work out a plan of negotiations and organize work so that necessary staff or management team of the company are present at the right time at your booth.

Use social media and internet. Nowadays Facebook and Twitter are important tools to promote companies and their brands. They also can be used to announce your company participation at a trade show. Also post announcement of participating at a trade show on your corporate web-site and web-sites of partners.


The main purpose of advertising your participation – to attract visitors at your booth:

– convince potential clients that your products or services are beneficial to them

– focus their attention on saving money and time

– refer to emotions and needs of your clients

– reward their actions

– be memorized for them

trade__showThe campaign on formation the company’s image in media.

This is a formation of a stable positive image of your company and your products in the eyes of consumers. This is not advertising.

Advertising encourages people to buy or to other desired action. Work on forming image – contributes to the spread of knowledge, the establishment of understanding, trust and good relationship to your company.

These goals can be achieved by making press-releases and presentations.

Prepare press-releases and different informative materials about activity of your company for a publication in mass-media. Choose those editions that plan to cover the course of a trade show.

Making a press-release, try to answer next questions within the limits of one page:

Who – a circle of possible consumers

What – make a message

Why – mark the goals and objectives

Where – specify a place

- When – specify terms and work schedules

How – describe methods of estimation

How much – bring the cost parameters.

Conduct a seminar or presentation for visitors and press at your booth. Seminars should not be used for pure advertising Specialists that visit them are primarily interested at in-depth familiarity with the subject.

If you would like to get more info about the trade show industry follow one of my colleagues blog at pbstv. Also you can reference the Exhibitor Online magazine has lots of useful information.